Marilyn Manson *~aBoUt Me!~*

*~aLL AbOuT mE~*

***this page is where you'll find info about me, your favorite webmistress***

name: sid

from: usa

hair colour: manic panic's 'vampire red'

style: mall goth

fave colour: purple.....or neon green......quite hard to pick a favourite

favourite article of clothing or accessory: cant go wrong with a dog collar bought from petsmart, am i right? (jk, its my mechanical animals shirt)

fave bands: marilyn manson, placebo, kittie, deftones, nine inch nails, skinny puppy, TLC ( "one of these thing is not like the others, one of these things just doesnt belong"), jack off name a few as the list is quite long

top three fave songs: scared of girls by placebo, the reflecting god by marilyn manson and d is for dirty by marilyn manson

instuments i play: guitar, bass, and keyboard

idols: zim zum, brian molko, marilyn manson, daisy berkowitz, björk, gidget gein, courtney love, talena atfield, twiggy ramirez, ginger fitzgerald.....and more

fave shows: invader zim, ruby gloom, ncis

fave movies: ginger snaps, killer klowns from outer space, rocky horror, bride of chucky, the craft, disturbing behaviour, the crow, jawbreaker, pulp fiction

fave food: burger king (or burger queen if you will)

hobbies: photography (as seen on the "my photos" part of the site), listening to music, forensic science, scouring the obcscure corners of the internet, finding lost media

any piercings or tattoos?: i have 5 piercings going up each ear lobe, a septum, and a labret. i don't have any tattoos though.