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*~confessions of a disorderly teenager: the web log~*

welcome to the web log! this is pretty much my internet journal. ever wanted to know stupid little things about me and my life? well you're in the right place!

Wednesday, 11.15.22

oh god its been a hot minute lol.... so much for " gonna try and update this as frequently as i can". so i got my labret on oct. 25... and it went really well! its currently a day over 3 weeks since i got it, and its healing up really well thankfully. the piercer was extremely nice so that was good. but yeah so that happened lol. i also had like the worst halloween i've ever had but i'm not even gonna get into that. but we're well into november now (mariah carey has defrosted..... prepare to hear that infernal song every single place you go lol), and thanksgiving is only 8 days away. good god this year went by REALLY fast. ah, thanksgiving. that's always been an extremely busy holiday in my family. thank god this year its only gonna be about maybe 7 extra people coming over instead so that's good. well anyways, there isn't much for me to write about as its been pretty uneventful in my life. byeeeee!!!

Friday, 10.21.22

so i've finally started my web log. welcome! this is the first entry. i'm gonna try and update this as frequently as i can (and we'll see how that goes, you know i'm terrible at updating things). so- as for whats going on in my life. i'm going shopping tomorrow, so that's cool lol. i'm being Jennifer Check (from Jennifer's Body ) for halloween. i was going to be Ginger Fitzgerald (from Ginger Snaps ) , and i ordered the parts for the costume, and then came to the sudden realization that literally NOTHING that i bought fit me. oh well, i'll just be ginger next halloween. last night, at like 1:30 in the morning i randomly decided that i wanted gogo boots. i don't know why the hell i did, but i got silver platform snakeskin-textured ones so that's cool. i'm also getting ( drumroll pleaseeeee...... ) my labret pierced on 10/25 or tuesday! i'm excited lol. well, that's about it for now. byeee!

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